How do I remove a branch from my account into a new Phorest account

Creating new accounts from branches

To remove a branch from your account there are a number of steps we will perform on your behalf.

Important: We cannot split a branch from a business with more than 5 branches. If you have a set up of 5 branches or more you will need to set up the branch as a new business.

Business and branch terminology

Your Phorest software is assigned to a business at the top level. A business can contain 1 or more branches. There are certain things like products, services, categories, and more that belong to the business and are used by each branch. When using Phorest you log directly into a branch even if you only have 1 branch in your business.

What will happen once a branch is removed into a new Phorest account

All accounts, new and old, will have a copy of all Clients, Vouchers, Account Transactions, TreatCard Accounts, and Courses.


At the time of writing, the process for executing this operation has some limitations:

  • The branch that gets transferred into the new account will have no historical trail data.

  • Branches in all accounts will show Appointment history on the client card. For example, if you are moving one branch into a new account, the remaining branch will see appointments that now belong to the new business and vice versa. These will need to be manually removed.

  • The new account will not have a salon branded app (if you have one already). A new app will be required. 

  • The new business will not have any barcodes for products as these will remain in the old account.

  • We can only transfer Consultations Forms to 1 account you will need to specify which account you want the consultation forms saved to.

  • Clients of the newly created branch/account will need to sign up for online booking again which can be done via the app or on your website.

  • Any online deposits paid towards appointments will be retained by the original business/account. Online appointments migrated over to the new branch/account will be seen as regular appointments and will not note that a deposit has been paid. Prices for these appointments will need to be adjusted manually to account for the deposit if required by the account owner.

  • Any future Course/Series appointments that are migrated will be recognized as regular appointments in the new branch/account. The prices of these appointments will need to be set to a 0.00 value manually. It is advised that you take note of any future course sessions that are booked before the migration occurs.

  • All services, categories, products, brands, client sources, and some products will be copied into the new account. Anything that needs to be removed or changed will have to be done manually. 

  • Clients who have a positive or negative balance on their account will now exist in both accounts and will need to be updated manually.

Planning and the estimated time

We are not in a position to give an accurate estimate, as this depends on the amount of data kept for each particular business. We also need to execute this process when a business is not using the system - in the evening or during a day that the business is closed.

What is required to remove a branch into a new account?

Once you understand and are happy with the above limitations and the potential implications for your existing Phorest account we will start the process.

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