How do promotional Gift Cards/Vouchers affect staff commission?

This article will discuss how discounted or added value Gift Cards/Vouchers affect staff commission.

There are two options you can choose from when applying commission to gift cards that have been sold at a discounted rate or with a free amount added on.

You can apply commission to the gift card monetary value, or apply commission to the gift card face value.

The monetary value is the amount of money a client paid when purchasing the gift card.

The face value is the total amount that the gift card is worth.

Applying Commission to Monetary Value (Default Setting)

By default, if a gift card is sold with a discount or with an amount added on to it for free then the commission a staff member receives through a service or retail product redeemed with that gift card will be affected.

For example, if a $100 gift card is sold with a 50% discount applied, and the client later redeems $100 of their gift card on a service, then the staff member who performed that service will get a 10% commission of the $50 monetary value

The purpose of this is to ensure that the value of services/products redeemed against discounted gift cards matches the money you received, however, it is possible to apply commission to the face value of the gift card instead if you prefer.

Applying Commission to Face Value

You can adjust your reporting settings to apply commission to the gift card face value instead if you prefer.

For example, if a $100 gift card is sold with a 50% discount applied, then a staff member that earns 10% commission would still earn 10% of the $100 value when a client redeems it against a service or a retail product.

To adjust this setting:

On the Staff Report Dashboard

Go to Manager > Reports > Staff and click the Cogwheel to access the report settings.


Change the Apply commission to face value setting to Yes and click Save.


On Legacy Reporting

Go to Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Staff, and click into either the Staff Commission Detail report or the Staff Commission Overview report.

Click the checkbox beside Apply commission to voucher face value to enable this setting.


Note: If you don't see the setting above in your reports, you may need to update to the latest version of Phorest. Click here to download the latest version.

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