How do I refund a sale to a gift card?

This article will show you how you can process a refund while refunding the money to a gift card/voucher.

Go to ManagerSales > Use the date picker to the date when the sale happened > Single-click the sale > Click Refund.


If you are refunding the full sale amount, click Vouchers/Gift Cards.

If you are only refunding part of the sale (partial refund) > Edit the sale by clicking the 'X' beside an item to remove it, or click the price of an item to change it > Click Vouchers/Gift Cards once you're finished editing the sale.

Next, choose New Voucher/Gift Card, or choose the Top Up option if the client already has a gift card and you want to use the refund to top it up. 


If you are selling a new gift card, enter a serial number to use, or click the magic wand button to automatically generate a serial number.


When entering the gift card amount, enter an amount equal to the amount due in the sale.


Finally, click Pay to finish. The refund will now be complete, and the amount will be added to the client's gift card.

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