How do I create a complimentary Gift Card/Voucher for a client?

This article will show you how to create a free/charity Gift Card for a client.

The following are instructions for putting a free Gift Card/Voucher through the Phorest system. Typically this would be when giving a free voucher to a charity or compensation to an unhappy client. No tax is calculated on this sale. Any "free" Gift Card/Voucher redeemed will not calculate any tax in reporting.

Sell the Gift Card/Voucher as you normally would.

Once you've added the Gift Card/Voucher to the Purchase screen, click the + symbol under Discount, and discount the voucher by 100%


Click Pay, then click Pay again to finish the sale. The Gift Card/Voucher will now be active for the client for the original value, despite having been discounted.

If you're looking to manually add a Gift Card/Voucher that was sold through another system, and shouldn't be recorded in your Phorest financial sales reports, check out this guide.

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