How do I send a Gift Card/Voucher to a client via email?

This article will show you how to send/resend a purchased Gift Card/Voucher to a client via email.

Go to Manager > Gift Cards/Vouchers, then use the search fields at the top of the screen to find the client's gift card.

Once you've found the gift card, click it to open the gift card details screen.

Next, click the Email Gift Card/Email Voucher button, enter the email address you wish to send this gift card/voucher, and then click OK.

The client will then receive the gift card by email.

 Email Not Sending?

Phorest uses the Code 39 format when generating the barcode in the email for the gift card. Lowercase letters are not compatible with Code 39 format, so if the serial number of a gift card contains lowercase letters, any attempts to email it to the client will be unsuccessful. It is recommended to use numbers and/or CAPITAL letters only in your gift card serial.

  Walk-In Gift Cards/Vouchers

You cannot email a Gift Card/Voucher while it is assigned to a Walk-In client card. You will need to reassign the Gift Card to an actual Client Card before it can be emailed to a client. Check out this guide to find out how to reassign a Gift Card.

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