How do I create a new Discount?

This article will show you how to set up a new Discount and how to choose which staff members can use that Discount during checkout.

Note: Custom discounts are not available in Phorest Go. In Phorest Go, you can manually type in either a monetary or percentage amount discount.

Creating a new Discount

Go to Manager BusinessDiscounts.

If you are not on the latest version of Phorest, you will find the Discounts screen under Manager > Settings > Financials > Discounts.

Click the Add Discount button to begin creating a new discount.

Give your discount a Name and then enter a discount Amount or Percentage.

You can change between an Amount or Percentage by clicking the Calculator   button 


Click Save changes to finish.

Staff Access to Discount

After you create a new Discount you will need to set which staff members can apply this discount. This is determined by Access settings.

Go to Manager > Access & License Keys and use the Access Level dropdown menu to select which profile you would like to have access to your new discount.


 Useful Tip!

If you're not sure what Access Level is assigned to a particular staff member, go to Manager > Staff Members, and Single-click on their name name. Their Access Level will be displayed on their main profile page.


Type the Name of your new discount into the Search field, check the box for your new discount, and click Save.


You can also navigate to your new Discount by clicking the > arrow to expand on the Purchase section, then expand again on the Discounts section to see all of your discount types.


Applying a Discount in a Sale

Check out this guide for information on how to apply a discount to a sale.

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