How do I add a product to a sale?

This article will show you how to add a product to a sale when paying for an appointment/checking out a client.

Adding a Product to a Sale

To start, add the client to the sale by entering their name. Next, click the Products button on the Purchase screen.


Scan the product barcode (if you have a scanner), or click Select to open your full inventory list and select a product from there.


You can also type the barcode into the barcode field, and press Enter on your keyboard to add a product.

Adding a Product that a Client Purchased Previously

If your client has purchased a product previously and wants to purchase it again, click the Product History button after selecting the client on the Purchase screen to see a full list of the products they purchased previously, along with the date & time of purchase and the price they paid.


To add a product from their history to the sale, double-click it.

Saving a Product to an Appointment to be Paid for Later

Click here for a guide on how to save a product to a client's basket.

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