How do I add a service from one location to another? (Multibranch)

This article will show you how you can import services from one branch to another if you have multiple locations in Phorest.

Go to ManagerServices > Single-click on the name of the service.


Click the Branches tab, then change the Available setting to Yes for each location where this service should be available.


The service will now be bookable in any location where Available is set to Yes.

An important next step would be to set which staff members can be booked for the service in the location where it is now available in. Check out this guide for more information.

Different Service Prices and Timings in Different Locations

By default, when a service is added to a new location, it will take on the settings which have been set in the Business tab.


Check out this guide to find out how you can set different service prices and/or durations in different locations.

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