How do I edit a service in just one of my branches/locations?

This article will show you how to edit a service in one of your locations without changing the information in your other locations.

Note: This article is only applicable if you have multiple branches/locations in your Phorest system.

Go to Manager > Services, then single-click on the name of the service you wish to edit.

On the next screen, click the Branches tab. From here, you can change the default Price and Duration of a Service in one specific location, or set whether a service is Available to be booked or not in a particular location.


You can also click on the name of a location in the Branches tab to make further location-specific changes under the Online & AppFacilities, and Advanced section. Any changes you make to a service from within a specific location will only affect that location.

Location-specific changes will always apply over business-level changes. E.g. if you make a change at a location-level, and then later make a business-level change, then that business-level change will have no effect on that particular location(s) unless you remove the location-level settings first.


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