How do I allow for color development time between a color & finish?

This article will show you how you can create a gap time between a color service and a finish service, like a cut, style or blow dry.

Setting the Color Development Time (Gap Time)

Go to ManagerServices > Click on the name of the color service to edit it > Add the desired gap duration in the Development Time field > Click Save.

Different Development Times for Different Staff

Sometimes you may want to set different development times for different staff members (for example, if a self-employed staff member uses a different color product).

To do this, click a service to edit it > Click the Staff tab > Change the Development Time for any staff members that differ from the default time.


How it Works

Now, when booking the color along with a finish service, a gap will automatically be created between the two services in the appointment to allow for color development time.

Development time will only be applied provided a second service is booked after one with development time. It will not apply when a service is booked on its own, as it is typically used for colour services that require a finish before leaving the salon, but time is needed before that finish can be performed.

Services That Require Preparation or Recovery Time

If you have a service that requires preparation beforehand or a treatment where staff need to recover or clean up afterwards, you can use the Online Duration for those services. Click here for a guide.

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