How do I show a service as 'Priced From..' in my online booking menu?

This article will show you how to list your services/treatments as being priced 'From..' when booking online or in the Branded App.

To display a service price as being priced 'from', go to Manager > Services and single-click on the name of a service to edit it.

Go to Online & App > Change Include "From" to Yes > Click Save.

If you have individual price levels set up for your staff, the price will automatically show as being Priced From whatever the lowest possible price is.


Packages will automatically display as priced 'From' when staff pricing levels are set for a Package. There is no individual priced 'From' setting for Packages currently.

How it Looks Online & in Your Branded App

The service will then show as priced 'from' in your online booking menu


and in your Salon Branded App


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