How do I disconnect and reconnect Google or Facebook to my Reviews and Online Reputation?

This article will show you how to disconnect and/or reconnect your Google account or Facebook account to the Phorest Reviews and Online Reputation features if they are having an issue or are out of sync.

Reconnecting Facebook to Your Reviews (Facebook Only)

Your Facebook account may disconnect from Phorest Reviews if you change your Facebook password or if there is an issue with your Facebook/Meta account.

It is not currently possible to disconnect your Facebook page from Phorest Reviews manually from within Phorest. If you need to disconnect your Facebook page from Phorest Reviews, your account owner can click here to get in touch, and our Support team can disconnect the page for you.

If the account has been disconnected, you will be prompted to log back in as soon as you go to share a review by going to Marketing Reviews > Click on a review > Click Facebook

The message below will appear if your account is disconnected, prompting you to connect to your Facebook account.

Click Continue to Facebook, and a window will open in your internet browser.

Continue the process in your internet browser, and log into your Facebook account that is associated with your business to complete the connection.

Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Online Reputation

Your Google or Facebook account may disconnect from the Phorest Online Reputation feature if you recently changed your password or if there is an issue with your Google or Facebook/Meta account.

If this happens, the reviews on your Online Reputation screen will not match/be up to date with the reviews that you have received on Google or Facebook.

To fix this, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your account.

Disconnecting your Account

Go to Marketing Online Reputation > Click the settings icon mceclip3.png > Click the Disconnect button.


Your account is now disconnected.

Reconnecting your Account

To reconnect your account, click the Connect button under the Facebook logo.

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to log into your Google or Facebook account. Log in using the account that is associated with your business on either platform.

Once you are logged in, your review rating will update, along with the number of total reviews and the date of your most recent review.


Your account is now reconnected and will continue to pull in future reviews automatically.

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