Change of Ownerships - Single Location

This article outlines what can and cannot be done in a Change of Ownership for a single location.

Note: This guide applies if you have a single location in Phorest. If you have multiple locations in Phorest, check out this guide.

Sometimes there may be a change of ownership in a business where someone is taking a step back and a new owner will be stepping in to take over the ownership and data of the previous owner. There are two types of Change of Ownerships:

1. Name Change:

This is the easiest and quickest way to change the owner of the account. The system will remain unchanged unless updates are requested by the new owner EG New Services, Staff lists, Online Booking, or Phorest Pay setup. Common use cases for this are a salon staff member is taking over the business OR an external person has an agreement with you to access all previous financial data as is. Paperwork is sent digitally to the existing owner and new owner to complete the account change.

This is for new owners planning on taking over the current system and all data inside of it. 

Important: Please be aware that this includes previous financial data.

2. New System Required:

Our team will discuss and agree on which system information you'd like to share with a potential new owner. Paperwork is sent digitally to the existing owner and new owner to complete the account change. A new system will be set up for the new owner. This system will include a copy of data agreed between you & Phorest and imported to the new system (EG Only the Client list to be copied)

This is a slightly longer process. It can be dependent on resources available, the time to complete the change of ownership paperwork and the availability of both existing & new owners. 

Important: Please be aware all data is a copy shared with a new owner


Please review the below information carefully. 

Information that CAN be transferred to the new account:

  • Clients
  • Future Appointments 
  • Staff Members
  • Services 
  • Products 
  • Barcodes
  • Service & Product History
  • Vouchers
  • Packages
  • Treatpoints

Information that CANNOT be transferred to the new account:

  • Online Booking appointments - If the appointment was booked online, the deposit will be dropped and remain linked to the previous system. The same goes for client courses; it won't show as a course, but just a regular priced service.
  • Online Booking deposits - This will mean that the no shows cannot be charged for clients with upcoming appointments that are being imported
  • Service History & Product History will be read-only - You cannot do targeted marketing based on the previous history. It is viewable in the client's record
  • Patch Tests
  • Previous financial reporting data
  • Consultation Forms - Both built ones AND ones filled out by the client already
  • Rosters
  • Any treats set up
  • Staff Qualifications
  • Courses & course sessions booked - Course sessions on the appointment screen will appear as full price. You will need to manually change to 0)

Important: The Salon Branded App will need to be rebuilt and clients will need to create brand new online booking accounts in order to use your new online booking system.

Next Steps

Please reach out to the team to discuss any upcoming opportunities about your Phorest systems and we’re happy to answer any questions, provide more clarity and discuss the next steps. 


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