Using the Phorest Invoice Portal

This article will outline how to use the Invoice Portal to help manage your Phorest Finances.

To get to your invoice portal you can follow the guide here.

Downloading your invoices:

Click on the blue invoice link under the Invoice Number column to view and download your invoice:

Viewing Installments:

Look at the column under Installments, to view the installment information, click on this amount to see a payment breakdown.

Download a statement of account:

Click on the download statement button next to your salon name, this will download a detailed report of your Finances with Phorest. It shows you invoices raised vs invoices paid / unpaid and will show you if your account is in arrears. 

Change payment information:

There are two types of payment information that you need to change:

1. The card that you pay Phorest with:

2. The bank account that Phorest pays you (Gift Vouchers / Ecommerce / No Shows)

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