This article goes over some common questions you might have about your invoice.

Why is my bill higher than normal this month?

If your Invoice seems higher this month it may be due to:

  • More SMS sent last month
  • Recent upgrades to your package price
  • Orders you placed with your Business Advisor

How can I view and download my invoices?

You can download any of your Phorest invoices using the Phorest Invoice Portal. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

I don’t remember sending out that many SMS.

You can check which SMS is sent by looking through the Marketing section of Phorest. Things to check are:

  • Reminders
  • Confirmations
  • No Shows
  • Rebooking
  • Reviews

Also, remember to check your Campaign History for any Marketing SMS you might have sent.

You can always Contact Support if you would like to go over what SMS you sent last month.

Why am I being charged with Installments?

You may be charged instalments for the following:

  • Recently purchased Gift Cards or Treat Cards
  • Arrears on your account

You can check these instalments at any time by going to Manager > Business > Finance/Invoices

Please click here to get in touch if you have any further queries.

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