How do I set up an automatic appointment Confirmation Email/SMS?

This article will show you how to enable and customize your automatic appointment Confirmation Email and/or SMS message.

Customizing the Confirmation Template

To start, go to Manager > Client Notifications > Appointment Confirmation.

Use the SMS Editor and Email Editor tabs at the top of the screen to access each of the template, then update them to your preference.

You can use the toolbar at the top of the screen to further customize your Appointment Reminder template.

Use the Personalise menu to add personalization to your template.

The Branch Logo is pulled from your Welcome Email. Click here for more information on how that works.

It is not possible to add images other than your branch logo.

Note: The following macros will not work in the subject line: <<Salon Address>>, <<Appointment Details>>

Including the List of Services in the Appointment

You can use the Appointment Details personalise option to include the list of services in the booking, along with the time each service is booked.

Appointments with Multiple Staff Members

When using the <<Staff First Name>> macro in your template, if multiple staff are part of an appointment, the Staff name displayed will be:

1. The client’s Preferred Staff, if part of the booking.
2. The staff of the haircut, if any haircut services were included.
3. The staff that performed the longest-duration service in the booking, if none of the above match.

Previewing & Enabling the Confirmation Email/SMS

Click the Preview button to see what your Appointment Reminder message will look like on both a computer and a mobile device.

When using the First Name personalization, the name Mary is auto-populated on the preview. The client's actual first name will be populated in the actual message.

Once you are happy with your Appointment Confirmation message, click Save changes. Next, click Settings to enable the message and choose how to send it, then click Save changes to finish.

When Does it Send?

The Email and/or SMS will be sent to your client roughly 10 minutes after the appointment is booked. The 10-minute delay allows for quick appointment edits immediately after booking in case any changes are needed.

The message is only sent once and will not be sent again if the appointment is rescheduled or if the appointment is cancelled and rebooked again for the same day.

 Appointment Confirmation Content Disclaimer

It is important that your Confirmation email or SMS does not contain marketing or promotional content. For more information on transactional vs. marketing messages, click here.

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