How do I set up an automatic appointment Reminder email?

This article will show you how to send automatic appointment reminders to clients via email.

This article covers how to set up the automatic appointment reminder Email. If you want to set up the automatic appointment reminder SMS, check out this guide.

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Step-by-Step Guide

To access your reminders go to Marketing > Reminders > Reminders.


Click the Email Notification tab to open the Email Reminder template.


To enable the Email Reminder, simply set the Automatic Email Time to the time you would like the email to be sent to clients, and set how many Days in Advance of an appointment it should be sent. Click Save to enable the Reminder Email.

Editing the Email Template

You can use the toolbar at the top of the template to customize the format of the template by adding Gridlines (1), adding custom images (2), adding a numbered list (3) or bullet point list (4), changing the text alignment (5, 6, 7), change the text to bold (8) or italic (9), change the font size (10), or add a custom hyperlink to a page on your/any website (11)


The Macro buttons on the right side of the screen can be used to enter certain information into your email automatically. Descriptions for each macro button can be found below.

  • <<Client First Name>> adds the client's first name to the email.
  • <<Staff First Name>> adds the name of the staff they are booked in with.
  • <<Date>> adds the Date of the appointment.
  • <<Time>> adds the Time of the appointment.
  • <<Salon Name>> adds the name of the Salon.
  • <<Salon Number>> adds the Salon number.
  • <<Appointment Link>> adds the link to view the full Appointment. (need to sign up if not signed up)
  • <<Branch Logo>> You can use this to add your branch logo  For more info on how to add your logo to the system, check out this guide.
  • <<Reschedule Booking Link>> adds a link to allow clients to reschedule their appointment
  • <<Confirmation Booking Link>> adds a link to allow clients to confirm they are attending their appointment

Macros can also be entered into the email Subject field.

Note: The following macros will not work in the subject - <<Salon Address>>, <<Appointment Link>>, <<Rebooking Link>>, <<Reschedule Booking Link>>, and <<Confirmation Booking Link>>

Appointments with Multiple Staff Members

When using the <<Staff First Name>> macro in your template, if multiple staff are part of an appointment, the Staff name displayed will be:

1. The client’s Preferred Staff, if part of the booking.
2. The staff of the haircut, if any haircut services were included.
3. The staff that performed the longest-duration service in the booking, if none of the above match.

 Appointment Reminders Content Disclaimer

It is important that your Reminder email/SMS does not contain any marketing/promotional content. For more information on transactional vs. marketing messages, click here.

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