How do I send an automatic SMS or email to a No Show client?

This article outlines how to send a friendly reminder to someone who misses their appointment as a no-show.

You can automatically send an SMS or email to any client who doesn’t turn up for an appointment, asking them to re-book. This is a great way to make sure that people who genuinely miss their appointments are re-booked again in the future.

Enabling the No Show Message

Go to Manager > Settings > Client Notifications > No Show

Here, you can switch between the SMS Editor and Email Editor tabs and edit each of the templates to your preference.

Use the Personalise dropdown to add text that will automatically be populated with client information, appointment information, etc.

The Branch Logo is pulled from your Welcome Email. Click here for more information on how that works.

Once you're happy with your templates, go to Settings, choose whether to send your No Show message by email, SMS, or both, and click Save changes to finish.

Now, if you have an appointment that is a No Show, you can simply leave it on your calendar. Once the appointment time has passed, the appointment will automatically be marked in gray, and a No-Show notification will be automatically sent to the client.

When is the No Show Message Sent?

The No Show message is sent roughly 90 minutes after the last service in the appointment is ended.

If the appointment ends after 5 PM, the No Show message will be sent at approximately 10 AM the following morning. SMS messages are charged at your standard SMS rate.

Can I Charge a Client for a No Show?

To learn how to charge a client for a no show appointment, check out this guide.

 No Show Content Disclaimer

It is important that your No Show email/SMS does not contain any marketing/promotional content. For more information on transactional vs marketing messages, click here.

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