How do I connect a barcode scanner to Phorest?

This article will explain how to set up a barcode scanner with Phorest.

Barcode scanners are plug-and-play devices, meaning they should automatically work with your computer as soon as you plug them in without having to download any additional software.

Any USB barcode scanner will work with Phorest.

Configuring Your Barcode Scanner

Most barcode scanners will come with a configuration or quick start guide.

Please refer to this information before attempting to use the barcode scanner with Phorest. If you don't have the physical guide, you can usually find one on the manufacturer's website.

Testing the Scanner in Phorest

After you've connected and configured your barcode scanner, open Phorest and go to the Purchase screen.

Select Walk-In or enter a client's details > Choose a staff member > Click Products, then scan a product.

The barcode should automatically be entered into the barcode field and the product is then added to the sale.


Troubleshooting your Barcode Scanner

If your barcode scanner isn't working, try some of these troubleshooting steps:

Disconnect & Reconnect

Try disconnecting the barcode scanner from your computer and connecting it back to a different USB port.

Scanning into a Text Document

If you open a blank text document on your computer and scan a barcode, the barcode number should appear in the document. This is a quick and easy way to tell if the scanner itself is having an issue.

If you scan a barcode and nothing appears, your scanner likely has an issue, and you should contact the manufacturer.

If you scan a barcode and the barcode appears, but the cursor does not automatically drop to the immediate next line in your text document, then your scanner is working but isn't programmed/configured correctly. In this case, refer to the setup guide provided by the scanner manufacturer.

Check that your Products have Barcodes Assigned in Phorest

Some of your inventory might be missing barcodes. If they are, then they won't be scannable until you add the barcode. For more information on adding barcodes to products in Phorest, check out this guide.

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