How do I add a Supplier and assign a Brand(s) to them?

This guide will show you how to add a product supplier, which will allow you to create an order for a product.

Video: Adding Suppliers & Assign Brands

Step by step guide

Go to Manager Suppliers, then click Add to begin adding a new Supplier.

On the Details screen; Enter the relevant details of your Supplier/Vendor.

Click the Brands tab. This is where to link the brand of product to the Supplier. Click Assign New Brand.

Use the Name search field at the top of the screen to search for and find the Brand(s) that this Supplier supplies to you.

Note: If duplicate brands show up when searching, add them all provided that they are relevant to this Supplier.

Once you've added all of your Brands for the Supplier, click Save to finish creating the Supplier.

 Next Steps!

Once you've finished creating your Supplier, you may want to check out our guide on how to create an order.

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