How do I add a new product into Phorest?

This article will outline how you can add an item of stock/inventory to your system. Professional stock is referred to at the very bottom.

Video: Add & Amend Products

Step-by-Step Guide

Click on Manager > Inventory/Stock and click the Add button at the bottom of the screen.

Populate the product information on the next screen, then click the Save button.


Brand: Brand of the Product

Stock Type: Type of product in salon EG Retail

Category: Product group EG Shampoo, Skin Care, Body Oils.

Name: Name of the product

Code: SKU code supplied by Supplier or on the product directly EG WE34987

Barcode: Scannable barcode on the product itself EG 345679328472972

Unit Vol: Size of product container EG 250ml

Sale Price: Price of product applicable to clients (retail price).

Cost Price: Price of product set by your supplier.

Typically, cost price does not include Tax/VAT/GST, as suppliers will list prices excluding tax and add it to the order invoice. This may vary depending on where you are located.

Min Quantity: The minimum amount of this product you want to have in stock at any time.

Max Quantity: The maximum amount of this product you want to have in stock at any time.

Reorder Count: The number of these products that are in the pack that your supplier provides (e.g. if your supplier provides this product in quantities of 6 products per pack ordered, you would set this to 6).

Reorder Cost: The cost to reorder this product. This will automatically be calculated once you input a Cost Price and a Reorder Count (Calculation = Cost Price x Reorder Count).

TreatCard Points: Amount of TreatCard points a client gains for buying this product

Hotkey: Enabling this adds this product to the Purchase screen as a Hot Key.

Note: To add a Professional/Backbar product, set the Stock Type drop-down and choose the correct option


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