How do I create an order of products to send to my supplier?

This article will outline show you how to create a product order within Phorest to reorder products

 First Steps!

Before you can create a product order, you will need to create your Suppliers and assign brands to them. Check out this guide to find out how.

Video: Create An Inventory/Stock Order

Step-by-Step Guide

Go to Manager > Stock Orders/Inventory Orders > Create Order


Use the filters at the top of the screen to quickly find the products you wish to order.


Double-click on a product to enter the Quantity of that product you would like to order.

The Magic Wand 

You can also use the Magic Wand in the top right corner to order the Max amount of each product.


You will need to have the Max quantities set on a product in order for the Magic Wand to work. To edit a product, go to Manager > Stock/Inventory > Double-click on a product to edit it > Set the Max quantity, and click Save.

The Magic Wand can only be used when creating an order initially, and cannot be used on an order after it has been created.

Once you have all of your quantities entered, click Save.

The order will then be added to the top of your list of orders.


 Next Steps!

Once your order has been created, check out this guide on how to send your order to your supplier.

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