How do I remove duplicate Brand names from my list of products?

This article will show you how to tidy up your stock/inventory list when you have duplicated brand names displayed.

Go to ManagerInventory/Stock, then click the Brand dropdown list and select one of the two duplicates that are appearing.

To fix this, products will need to be edited and moved to one Brand, so it is best to choose the Brand that has the least products.

Note: If you have multiple locations in Phorest, go to Manager > Chain Library > Product Library to do this instead, and make sure to check the Also Show Products Created in Branches checkbox.

In the example below, we have two L'Oreal brands appearing on our list.

To correct this, filter to one of the brands, preferably the one with the least amount of products, in order to save time, then edit those products and change the Brand.

Repeat this step for each product in the list, then go back to your Manager screen and back into the Inventory/Stock screen again to refresh the list.

You should now only have one Brand listed. 

Duplicate Brands with no Products Under Them

If you have multiple locations in Phorest and find there are brands in your Chain Library that don't have any products listed under them, these can be removed by assigning a product to that brand and then reassigning the same product back to its original brand.

Once you do this, go back to the Manager screen, then go back into Chain Library > Product Library and the duplicated brand should be gone.

Before following the steps above, make sure to check that there aren't any archived products or products created in other branches under the brand name by first checking the Also Show Products Created in Branches option and then checking Archived.

If any products appear after checking these boxes, follow the steps at the top of this help guide to remove the duplicate brand.

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