What do each of the Online Booking settings do?

Go to Manager > Settings > Online


On the initial Online Booking screen, you can enable/disable your online booking, add an announcement banner to your booking page, and change the coloring to match your brand.

Online Booking Setup

The Brand color setting will change the color of the buttons on your Phorest online booking page, while the Book Now website button setting will change the color of the Book Now widget button that is embedded in the corner of your own website when you set up online booking.

For information on linking online booking to your business website, check out this guide.


Booking Rules

The Booking Rules section allows you to control how your online booking system works.


Here's what each setting does:

Booking slots

This setting decides the time intervals at which your available appointment times will be displayed from the earliest available timeslot

For example: If this setting is set to 30 Minutes and a column is open from 9:00 am, the available timeslots for that column will be 9:00 am, 9:30 am, 10:00 am, etc

Minimum Gap time

This setting will not allow appointments to be booked if the booking creates a gap (of 'x' minutes or less) before the first service in the appointment.

This setting does not apply if no gap is created before the appointment, or if a gap is created equal to or more than the number of minutes specified in the setting.

The purpose of the setting is to reduce gaps being created between appointments that aren't possible to fill, typically based on the lowest duration service you offer (excluding services that wouldn't be booked on their own, like add-on services etc.).


Minimum Gap Time is set to 30 minutes, and Booking slots are every 15 minutes.


 In the example below, where we're booking a 15-minute appointment, an appointment at:

  • 10:45am is allowed because no gap is created before the appointment.
  • 12:00pm is allowed because no gap is created before the appointment.
  • 12:15pm is not allowed because it would create a 15-minute gap before the appointment, which is less than the time specified in the setting (30 minutes in this example).
  • 1:30pm (or any time after) is allowed because it does create a gap but that gap is not less than the time specified in the setting (30 minutes in this example).


Note: To allow maximum online booking availability in your calendar, set this setting to 0 minutes.

Cancellation period

Clients cannot reschedule or cancel their booking online within this period. For more information on the cancellation period, check out this guide.

Patch test period

Services that require a patch test cannot be booked online within this period. For more information on patch tests, check out this guide.

Short notice period

Your online booking system will not show available time-slots within this short-notice period, even if there are timeslots available in your Phorest appointments calendar.

Multi-service rules

This setting decides whether online bookings with multiple services in the appointment can be booked across multiple staff members or not.

  • Can Be Split - Multiple services can be performed by multiple staff members
  • Can't Be Split - Multiple services can be performed by only one staff member
  • Will Only Split For Max Utilisation - Multiple services can be performed by only one staff member, but when you run out of free slots we'll offer slots where multiple staff can perform the services.

Discount for booking online

Here you can decide if clients should get a discount for booking online or not. This setting is great if you're just getting started with online booking and want to promote it to your clients.

  • No Discount - This will not apply discounts to any online bookings.
  • First Appointment Only - This will only apply a discount to the first appointment made by each client.
  • Every Appointment - A discount will be applied to every online booking that comes in.

Discount Amount

Use this to decide the discount amount for online bookings, if a discount is enabled. You can click the gray box to choose between a percentage or monetary discount amount.


Double TreatCard points

Enabling this setting will reward clients with double the amount of TreatCard points when they book online. For more information on setting up your TreatCard system, check out this guide.

Show Notes

This enables a comment box at the final booking confirmation screen, where your clients can leave a comment on their appointment.


The note will then be visible on your appointment calendar in Phorest:


and you will also receive an email notification to let you know that a client left a note:


Send Abandoned Cart Emails

When this setting is enabled, an email will be sent automatically to any client who adds services to their online booking basket but then leaves without completing their booking. Here's what the email looks like:


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