How do I change the order of my Services and Service Categories?

This article will show you how to rearrange the order of your treatments on your Appointments screen, on your Online Booking page and in your Branded App.

Changing the Order of your Services/Categories

Go to Manager > Settings > Online > Services Menu


Reordering Your Service Categories

Click and drag the dotted area beside the Service Category name to rearrange it to your preference


Reordering Your Services

Click the Show Services button to expand a Service Category, then click and drag the dotted area beside a Service to rearrange the order

Reorder Services.gif

Where is it Updated?

This will update the order of your services/service categories on both your Online Booking page as well as your Appointments & Purchase screens within Phorest.

Online Booking page

Appointments & Purchase Screens in Phorest

Typically, updates to the order of your service menu are reflected instantly, but it may take up to 30 minutes. Restart Phorest if changes do not appear on your Appointments or Purchase screen right away.

Grouping Service Categories Together Online

Service Categories are grouped together based on their Online category setting to make sure that similar services are kept together in your online booking menu.

To view or change the Online category assigned to a Service Category, go to Manager > Categories > Service Categories, then click on the Service Category you want to edit.

Here, you can view and change the Online category setting. Click the drop-down option to select a new Online category and then click Save.


The groupings are based on the headers in the Online category dropdown menu.

They will appear automatically grouped together as below.


Note: Changing the online category for a service category may also result in a change in the wording in the staff selection dropdown menu ('Any Stylist', 'Any Therapist', 'Any Staff'). Click here for more information on how that wording is changed.

Service Category Order in Staff View

If you are linking clients directly to specific staff booking pages in Online Booking or have the Floating Book Now Widget installed on your website, it's important to note that your Service Categories will be listed alphabetically when viewing the Staff view and will not follow the Grouping rules listed above.


Services in the Staff view will appear in the order that you have arranged them.

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