How do I change the order that my staff are displayed in Online Booking?

This article will explain how your staff members are ordered in the Online Booking staff list.

Names in the staff list are ordered alphabetically. If you need to override the order of the list, you can do so by editing your staff's First Names and adding numbers to the beginning of their names.

To edit your staff members, go to Manager Staff Members, then single-click a staff member's name to open their Staff Profile. Edit the First Name field, then click Save to finish.


When adding numbers, it is important to know that the list order is lexicographical, meaning 1 will always come before 2 regardless of the number that follows.

For example, 1 comes before 2, so anything starting with 1 (whether it's 10, 100, 150..) will always come before anything starting with 2, the same way anything starting with 'A' will always come before anything starting with 'B' etc.

To ensure that your single-digit numbers are at the top of the list, add a '0' to the beginning of them (e.g. 01, 02, 03 etc.).

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