How does Ads Manager targeting work for businesses with more than one location?

This article will explain how client targeting works with the Meta Ads Manager integration for businesses that have multiple branches.

When creating an ad in Ads Manager, you will have three ways in which you can target your audience. 

Here's how each Ad option works if you have multiple locations in your Phorest system:

Find new clients: Your ad will be targeted toward people who are similar to the top-spending clients in the location you're logged into when you create the ad. This means that if you have very different client bases between your locations, you'll need to ensure that you log into the correct location to target the right audience. The targeted audience will also be directed to the Online Booking link for the location that you're logged into when you create the ad.

Reach existing clients & Save overdue clients: Your ad will target existing or overdue clients from the location where the ad was created. For clients who visit multiple locations, targeting will depend on the location of their most recent visit.

Can I run multiple ads from multiple locations at the same time?

Yes, you can run multiple ads simultaneously and from multiple locations. However, it's important to note that if you only have 1 Facebook or Instagram page but multiple locations in Phorest, then all ads will run on that page.

You can choose which page to run an Ad on by using the dropdown menu on the initial Ads Manager screen.

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