How do I turn on my Video Consultation notifications?

This article will show you how to turn on SMS notifications for your Video Consultations.

There are two ways for your clients to receive the Video Consultation meeting ID; through an SMS reminder or via email but only if they book online.

1. SMS Reminder & Video Link

GIF: Turn On Consultations SMS


The Video Consultations SMS will go out to your clients an hour before their appointment and will only send for services marked as Online Video Consultations. The SMS will include the meeting ID for the specific staff member. 

By default, this SMS is disabled and must be turned on.

To activate the Video Consultations SMS go to Manager > Client Notifications (this is a new button near the top of your manager screen).

Note: Client Notifications are reminders, confirmations, and other messages automatically sent to clients. Here you can control which notifications you want to send and how they are sent.

Head into the Video Consultations tab and set the toggle to Yes to send Video Consultation links via SMS.

While you can Preview the SMS you cannot edit the message at this time.

When you're done, click Save.

2. Online Booking Confirmation Email & Video Link

If a client books a Video Consultation online they will receive a booking confirmation email similar to any other service but this time with the staff members meeting ID.

The email will contain a message similar to the following:

"To attend your Video Consultation appointment you will need to click this link 5 minutes before your appointment. Please ensure you are in a quiet space with your device sufficiently charged before joining."


This should help in two cases:

  • The client doesn't receive the SMS (wrong number etc)
  • An appointment is booked in less than an hour in advance - we won't have time to send the automated SMS in that case, but the client will receive the link in their Booking Confirmation.

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