How do I create online services for Video Consultations?

This article will show you how to create new online services for Video Consultations.

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In order to offer Video Consultations online, we recommend creating a dedicated Video Consultation Category to assign your services to.

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Create a Video Consultation Category

First, create a new Video Consultation category by going to Manager > Categories > Service Categories and create a dedicated Video Consultation category like the image below.


Create a Video Consultation Service

Next, go to Manager > Services and add your new Video Consultation service. 

Give it a name like Hair Video Consultation or Facial Video Consultation and assign it to your new Video Consultations Category.

Set the Price and Duration then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Online Video Consultations toggle switch to Yes


Note: You may want to charge slightly less than usual for this service as it's not done in person. However, the slight reduction coupled with an after-care email that links to recommended products on your online store could incentivize clients to spend more with you.

Next, head to the Online & App tab.

First, include an online description explaining your video service.

Then, make sure this service is available online. Once you are happy with the rest of the details and settings for this service click Save.


Note: If you have multiple salon locations, head up to the Branches tab and select any location you want to offer this service from.


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