How do I give a TreatCard to a new client?

This article will show you how you can assign a TreatCard to a client who doesn't already have one.

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Step-by-Step Guide

If a client doesn't already have a TreatCard, you can enable a prompt to appear on-screen at check-in or when the client goes to pay for their appointment, asking if you'd like to give them a TreatCard.

To assign a TreatCard to the client, either scan the TreatCard barcode into the Scan field or type the TreatCard number into the Scan field, then click OK.

If you do not want to assign a TreatCard to the client, leave the field blank and click OK.

This prompt is not currently available in PhorestGo.

Enabling the Prompt

To enable this prompt, go to MarketingTreatCardSettings.

Choose if you would like the prompt to appear on Check in or on Pay, or enable both if you prefer.

What Does it Look Like?

On Check In


On Pay


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