Overview of the TreatCard

The TreatCard is Phorest's version of Loyalty. It was designed specifically for the Hair and Beauty industry. The aim of the TreatCard is to get your clients in more often, spending more! 

It is the largest loyalty system in the industry, with over 4 million end-users. 

Why Loyalty?

  • Loyalty systems help create a better client experience for your clients. 
  • Businesses that prioritize the client experience generate 60% higher profits than other businesses. 
  • A customer is the most important person in any business, make their experience a great one!

The Importance of Loyalty Systems

  • 75% of consumers say they favor companies that offer rewards.
  • 77% of consumers say loyalty programs make them more likely to stay with brands.
  • 71% of consumers who are members of loyalty programs say membership is a meaningful part of their relationships with brands.
  • Loyal Clients Spend More. Clients that are members of loyalty systems generate 12-18% more revenue than non-members. 
  • Attract new clients - 69% of Gen Z and 71% of millennials say that they are highly influenced by loyalty systems

The TreatCard Loyalty Program

A Loyalty Program to Delight your Customers 

...and your Accountant!

Customers pay for your time, expertise, and quality products, so don’t devalue them with discounts and price slashing.

Our loyalty program delights customers and makes money for your business. In fact, it can boost revenue by up to 21%  AND increase loyal client’s average spend by 30%.

Our limit setting means you’ll always make 14 times the price of a ‘Treat’ from a client before they can use their points to purchase it.

A Smart Upselling Tool

Get Clients Trying More Services & Products

Choose to only allow clients to use points on treatments and products they’ve never bought before – introducing them to more of your offerings.

You can even set rules to only allow Treatcard points to be used alongside a paid booking, so you’re not giving away a full appointment slot for free while leaving clients feeling like VIPs.

Increased Revenue

...and Rewarded Clients

Treatcard integrates with the calendar and online reputation tool, so you can incentivize revenue-driving activities.

Try awarding extra points for same-day rebooking, bringing referrals, or sharing a good review on your social media.

Fully integrated with your POS, points are rewarded once the rebooking or referral appointments are completed and paid for, so clients can’t ‘trick the system’.

Bonus Birthday TreatCard Points

...for First Class Relationships

Automatically send a birthday message to your clients with the gift of bonus TreatCard points.

You’ll not only make their day, but you’ll also be strengthening your client-business relationship and encouraging further spend.

Measured & Tracked Success

...right to the till!

Because Treatcard integrates with your client records and your POS, you can measure and track the success of your loyalty system right to the till.

Powerful yet easy-to-use reporting shows how many clients rebooked a treatment or repurchased a product that they initially tried as a treat.

We Make It Easy for You

Clients who earn enough points will be prompted to use their points to try new services when booking online. Staff members are prompted to offer an add-on treat if they’re booking over the phone.

Did the client forget their card? No problem – you can add points via their client record. Lost card? Easily transfer points to a new one.

Powerful Business Branding - Boost Referrals

Your Clients Will Be Spreading the Word!

Happy clients will be keen the word about your business after being delighted with their free treats. Go a step further by offering referrer treat points.

Best of all, each client’s Treatcard keyring also acts as a mobile advertisement for your business.

Branded TreatCards for Your Salon

We design and print cards with your logo

Alongside the software, you can opt-in for branded loyalty cards created by our in-house team.

We design, print, and deliver them straight to your front desk. Just get in touch with us to make an order.

Testimonials from clients who use the TreatCard

Benjamin Shipman details the other benefits of the TreatCard loyalty system. 

Note: If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to our Grow Team - growteam@phorest.com. 

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