How do I view my business details, address....

This article will advise on how you can view the basic information stored for your salon within Phorest

Within Phorest, you can store your basic business information. This would include:

  • The Business Name
  • The Business Address
  • The Business Tax number
  • The Business number related to reminder/referral SMS

To access this area to view the information stored simply go to Manager > Settings > Contact Info.

You'll see your information appear as below.


Changing Your Information

The information is greyed out as it is restricted for editing purposes. 

If any information shown within this section needs to be updated please contact our support team with the updated information in full. 

Please ensure that this information is sent across by the listed contact/owner of the account, as information provided by any other person will not be actioned without the listed contact/owners consent.

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