How do I open or close my appointment calendar for bookings on specific dates?

This article will show you how to create an exception to your regular business opening hours, and allow you to take appointments on a day/time where you are usually closed.

Sometimes, you may need to make certain exceptions to your scheduled business hours for things like public holidays, salon events (*cough* Salon Owners Summit *cough*) etc. Within Phorest you can create these exceptions via your branch schedule. These exceptions can be to open the salon on a day you are usually closed, or to close on a day when you are usually open, like Christmas Day for example.

Step-by-Step Guide

Click on  Manager > Settings > Opening Hours, then click the Add button under Special Exceptions to create the exception.


On the next screen, choose the date you wish to make an exception for, select whether the business is open or closed, and if you're open - Choose the times you wish to open and close at, then click Save.

Note: If you are closing the business on a day that you would usually open (for New Year's Day for example), set the Open button to No and click Save.


The day will now be added to your Special Exceptions list. If you wish to edit/delete the day, single-click on the date to change it. 


 Remember to Update Your Staff Schedules

If you open the salon on a day that you are usually closed, you will need to ensure you have staff scheduled to work on that day before appointments can be made on your calendar. For more information on how to schedule staff, click here.

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