Integrating 3rd Party E-Commerce Solutions

Integration with the Phorest API requires your own development team for setup. Third-party software providers wishing to partner with Phorest might be subject to integration charges.

Phorest 3rd Party API


Phorest offers a robust set of APIs that can be leveraged to integrate with a 3rd Party E-Commerce solution. Below we will go through what is, and what is not possible, and some tips on how to best approach the integration.

There are two main components that you can use to keep your E-Commerce solution in sync - our Product API  and Purchase API.

Product API

This API allows you to fetch a full list of products for a salon, with information on barcodes, stock levels, cost and sale price, etc. Please note, it is read-only. As such, Phorest should be treated as the source of truth for product information. 

All stock adjustments/stock takes should be done in Phorest, and the corrected stock levels pulled from the Product API. 

Purchase API

This API will allow you to pass a transaction (sale or refund) into Phorest, with client info, product line items, and staff member/salesperson if required. This will automatically reduce/increase the stock levels by whatever quantities the sale/refund is for.

Other Useful APIs

We have a full Transaction API that can pull a list of all transactions from Phorest over a specified date range or time (e.g. every [x] minutes/hours).

We have a Client API that will allow you to update or create a client. You can also add a client category to make future marketing campaigns easier to filter,

You can find any client in Phorest with their Business and Client ID.

Requesting API access

Please reach out to to request access to the API. Please CC the business owner in the request.

Phorest does offer an out-of-the-box solution for an Online Shop. More details can be found here.

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