You will need your own development team to set up integrations with the Phorest API.


At Phorest, we want to give you open access to all your data so that you can build features on top of it that we may not have built yet or use cases that we may not have even imagined.

With the help of your developer, APIs allow you to access all your data when you want and enable you to build features and functionality that are not part of the core Phorest experience.

This allows Phorest to focus on the main functions and features while allowing you to build custom features.

Below are just some of the possibilities of using the Phorest 3rd Party API.

We are constantly adding to this, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us. Find all our APIs here.

The Phorest API does not currently support webhooks. Instead, you can regularly check for updates by polling the API.


If you require custom reporting for your salon, extracting the raw data for every sale processed through Phorest over a specific date range is possible. This will give you lots of information - from a staff member, client name, contact details, price per line item, discounts applied, and much more.

With the help of your developer, you can use this information to build custom reports to suit your own needs. See the CSV Export Job API.

Online Retail

If you want to sell your retail through your website using WooCommerce, Shopify, or similar, you can use 2 of our APIs to achieve this. The product API will allow you to check stock levels, pricing, and barcodes, while the purchase API will allow you to pass the sale for the item into Phorest. This will automatically reduce your stock levels in Phorest and allow those sales to be part of the standard Phorest reporting.

Bespoke Online Booking

If you wish to build a custom online booking flow, use our Booking API and Client API. You could also use this to take your custom deposits and payments upfront. While a lot is achievable using this, there would be considerable time and effort required by your development team to achieve this.

Building out a bespoke booking flow can often be a very expensive and time-consuming development project. As an alternative, you can embed the Phorest book now button in your website instead of using the API if you prefer.

Online Vouchers & Gift Cards

Our Voucher API can be used to add a gift card to Phorest. Your developer would need to build the whole web experience of buying the gift card, handling the payment (for example, through Stripe), and emailing your client.

Another option is to use a standalone service to sell them online and then manually enter those gift card sales into Phorest so that the end-user can redeem them. This requires little or no development work on your side.

Call Centre/Smart Phone Systems

Call Centres can utilize our Client API to display which client is calling automatically and their service history/future appointments, allowing for a more personal experience for your clients.

Newsletter/Mailing List Subscriptions

If you would like clients to sign up for your newsletter or special offers on your site, the Client API will allow your developer to create a widget on your site and add the client to your Phorest client list. You can assign a client category in the client card creation/update to allow for easier future marketing campaigns.

 Next Steps!

Check out this guide to learn how to get started with the Phorest API.

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