The Phorest API is an application programming interface, it’s a set of rules that lets a program talk to the Phorest Application, exposing Phorest data and functionality.

You will need to contact to get set up with API access. Please make sure to include your Phorest Account Number in your request.

Testing the API - Step-by-step guide 

The Phorest API does not currently support webhooks. Instead, you can regularly check for updates by polling the API.

To test the API, you will need to install Postman.

You can find the Phorest Postman collection with all the endpoints here.
To import the Phorest API Collection into Postman, go to File -> Import -> Import From Link tab.

The Phorest Postman Collection has a set of variables that you may want to configure.
To configure these variables, click Edit on the API collection.

This will show a list of variables that can be set.
The most important ones to set are third-party-apibusiness and branch.

You can also set your username and password by right-clicking on the endpoints folder and selecting the Authorization tab.  The API requires basic authentication, which is the API username and password supplied by Phorest.

Note: The username will always have the prefix `global/`, e.g. global/

To test the setup, open up the collection and click on the endpoints folder. 
Click Get branches and press Send.
The response will be a list of branches and the branch details.

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