How do I add a break to the Appointment calendar?

This article will show you how to block out time for your staff.

This guide covers breaks on the desktop version of Phorest. Check out this guide for information on breaks in the PhorestGo app.

Adding a Break

Select an empty slot from the calendar and click the Add break button that appears. You can personalize the break Label and the Duration and choose whether it's a Paid break. 

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Repeat Break

Turn on the Repeat toggle to create a repeat break. You can then select When the break repeats, On which day of the week, the date it Starts, and the date it Ends. The end date automatically defaults to 3 years from the start date, but you can adjust it.

This is very useful if a staff member takes a break at the same time each day or schedules weekly staff meetings.

Once you're ready to add the break, click Save and the break will appear on the calendar under the staff member's column.

It's best practice to add time off to the Staff Roster for holidays, sick days, and others, rather than blocking out a longer break.

The Staff Basic Wages Report (Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Staff > Staff Basic Wages) will calculate the working hours the staff member has performed minus any breaks taken.

Need to Remove a Break?

If you created a break but now need to delete it, select the break and click Remove.

If the break you want to remove is a repeat break, you'll be prompted to choose whether you want to only delete the break you selected (Delete this break) or every future instance (Delete all future breaks). Then click the Delete button.

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