How do I create a repeat appointment?

This article will show you how to create a long-standing appointment for a regular client.

Creating a Repeat Appointment

To repeat an appointment, click More Repeat.


Set how often you want the appointment to be repeated.


You must select an end date. Specify the date in the Repeat Until field. To finish, click Done.

Creating a Repeat Appointment on PhorestGo

This feature is currently unavailable in Australia, but it will be available soon.

First, create your appointment by entering your client's details and choosing their service.

Next, tap More optionsRepeat appointment.

Right Arrow (Branded)


Choose how often you wish to repeat the appointment, and then tap Save to finish.

The start time for each appointment will be the same as the initial appointment.

Removing a Repeat Appointment

If you need to delete a Repeat appointment, click on the appointment once on the Calendar screen, click Remove, and select either a Cancellation or Delete. You will be given the choice of either removing one appointment or all repeat appointments.

On PhorestGo

To remove a repeat appointment on PhorestGo, tap the appointment > More options > Delete or Cancel the appointment > Select if you want to remove just that appointment or all future instances of the appointment.

Confirmation Notification on Repeat Appointments

If you have your Confirmation Email and/or SMS notification enabled, please note that clients will only receive a confirmation for the first appointment and not for the additional repeat appointments.

Clients will still receive a Reminder notification for each appointment if you have Reminder notifications enabled.

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