How can I quickly find the next available appointment for a client? (Appointment Planner)

This article will show you how to use the Appointment Planner to quickly find availability for your client's next appointment.

This feature is only available in the latest version of Phorest (Phorest 10).

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What is the Appointment Planner?

The Appointment Planner automates the process of identifying suitable availability on your calendar and suggests multiple booking options to accommodate your client's schedule.

Using the Appointment Planner

First, from the Appointments screen, click Appointment Planner.

Next, search for and select the client, or click New Client to create a new client.

Choose the service(s) by rebooking from the client's Appointment History or by clicking Add new service to choose from your service menu.

Select a staff member, or choose the Skip option to book the service with any available staff.

All staff members will appear in this list, not just those who are qualified to perform the service.

Adding More Services to the Booking

If you wish to add another service to the appointment, click Add another service and repeat the steps above.

Editing a Service

If you wish to make changes to a service you have already added, click it to make changes.


Select the Appointment Date and Time

Finally, use the Availability calendar to select an appointment date and time that best suits your client.


If you have multiple locations, you can also find availability in different locations by selecting a location from the dropdown menu below the calendar.

How Does the Appointment Planner Find Availability?

The Appointment Planner uses the same logic as your online booking system to find availability. However, the items below will not affect availability in the Appointment Planner, whereas they do with online booking availability.

Similar to your online booking system, the Appointment Planner will ensure that the staff member is qualified for the service and scheduled to work and that necessary resources, such as rooms and machines, are available for the service at the scheduled time.

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