How can clients check themselves in for their appointment? (PhorestGuest)

This article will show you how clients can use the PhorestGuest app to allow clients to check themselves in for their appointments.

The PhorestGuest app enables you to offer an in-house desk-free check-in experience for your clients.

Downloading the PhorestGuest App

To get started, download the check-in app by searching for it on your app store or tapping one of the links below.

  Click here from your iPhone or iPad device
  Click here from your Android device

Logging In & Using the App

Sign in using the same details you use to sign into Phorest Go.

Once signed in, your clients can now enter their email address or phone number and tap Start check-in.

After their appointment is found, the client can tap the Check-in button, which will automatically check in the appointment on the Phorest Appointments calendar.


Changing the Background Image or Color and the Color of the Check-In Buttons

The color and background image can be changed by opening Phorest on a desktop computer > Go to Manager > Settings > Branded App, then edit the Brand Color and App Home-screen image.


Note: If you have the Salon Branded App, these changes will also apply to your Branded App.

Setting the Background to a Solid Color

Instead of an image, set the background to a solid color by opening the side menu, selecting Settings, enabling the Background Color setting, and choosing your preferred color.


Notifying Staff of Check In

If your staff have push notifications enabled in Phorest Go, the staff member performing the first service in the appointment will receive a push notification on their phone or smartwatch to let them know that the client has checked in.

 iOS Notification


 Android Notification


Click here for more information on push notifications with Phorest Go.

Appointment Trail

The appointment trail will show the appointment as being checked in by the user who signed into the app with their Phorest Go details initially.


Linked Clients

When two clients are linked, checking in by phone number will result in both clients' appointments being displayed.

Currently, checking in by email will only show the 'parent' client's appointment unless both client profiles have the same email address, in which case both appointments will be displayed.

We are currently working on improving this so that both appointments are displayed for linked clients when checking in by email.

Switching to Another Location

If you have multiple locations in Phorest, you can switch to another location by swiping in from the left of the screen or tapping the menu button in the top-left and then use the dropdown to switch to another location.

Restricting the List of Locations

The locations listed are based on the login you used to sign into the app initially. The list of locations displayed will be based on the list of locations that the login/staff member has access to.

If you want to restrict the list of locations displayed but don't want to remove that staff member from those locations, you can:

If you only want to display a single location, you can repeat the process above and create an individual login/staff member for each of your locations.

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