How do I create a customizable Digital Consultation Form?

This article outlines how to create and publish a customizable digital consultation form.

Video: Build & Publish A Digital Consultation Form

Step-By-Step Guide

Go to Manager > Consultations > Form Settings, then click Create New Form to begin.


Next, choose whether you want to build your own Custom Form, or use one of the Phorest Premade Forms.

Note: You can use a Premade Form as a template and edit it to suit your business.


If you're creating a custom form, start by giving the form a Name.

Next, give the form a Description. 

Select which Services the form should apply to. You can choose individual Services or select entire Service Categories.


Choose the Frequency for how often the form needs to be completed by your clients.

Both the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy are mandatory to help ensure the form complies with data regulation requirements in your region. They will appear automatically at the top and bottom of all forms.

Adding Items to Your Form

To start building your form, click on the Add Item tab. A list of pre-built sections will appear. Choose any of the options to build your form.

You can access additional options for an item by clicking on the three dots next to it. These options include moving the item up or down, editing it, or removing it from the form.

Once you're happy with the form, click Save.

This will save the form in Draft format. To make it an active form, click Options > Publish.


Once published, the form will be active and ready for use.

 Next Steps - Sending Your Form to Clients

Next, you may want to know how to send a Consultation Form to your client. Check out this guide to find out how

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