How do I send a Consultation Form to a client to fill out before their appointment?

In this article, we'll show you how to pre-send a Consultation Form using Phorest Go.

This article discusses how to send Consultation Forms to clients manually. If you would like information on sending forms to clients automatically, check out this guide.

Video Guide

Some elements and screens shown in the video above may have changed as we continue to update the Consultation Forms feature.

Step-by-Step Guide

Before sending consultation forms out to clients, follow this link for the steps to create your custom-built forms.

To pre-send a form, open Phorest Go on your smartphone/tablet and go to Consultation Forms


Use the date selector to navigate to the appointment date.

Working From a Computer?

You can also send Consultation Forms to a client via your computer by going to Manager > ConsultationsManage consultations.

Sending a Form to All Clients

You can bulk send Consultation Forms to all clients who have an appointment on the day that you're viewing by pressing the Send Forms button.


After pressing Send Forms, you'll see how many clients you're going to reach by email and SMS. Choose your sending method, and press send.


Note: SMS messages are charged at your standard SMS rate.

Sending a Form to Individual Clients

If you want to send a form to just one client or individual clients, find the client and then press the Send to client button.


After pressing Send to Client, you'll be asked if you want to send by Email or SMS. Choose your option and press send.


Note: SMS messages are charged at your standard SMS rate. 

Seeing When a Form Was Sent & Resending a Form

Once a form has been sent to a client, the send date will be visible underneath their name.

If you need to, you can send a form to a client again by pressing the Resend. You will be prompted again to choose whether you'd like to send it by SMS or Email.


What Does the Message Look Like?

See the screenshots below for the Email message (left) and the SMS message (right).


The wording in these messages cannot currently be edited.

Once clients tap the link in the message, they'll be brought to a page to complete their form. If they have multiple forms to complete, they will see each form listed here to be completed individually.


The client can complete the form up to and including the day of their appointment. The link expires the day after the client's appointment.

Client personal information will be auto-populated on the form, provided the information exists on their Client Card. However, the consultation form questions will not auto-populate and will need to be answered by the client each time they receive a form, regardless of whether they've received the form before.

Note: If you remove an appointment before a Consultation Form has been completed, the present consultation form will be deleted. An appointment will need to be made for the client to fill out the form. If a client clicks the link for an appointment that has since been removed, they will see a page that says they have no forms to complete.

Reviewing and Completing the Form

Once the client has submitted the form, it will appear in the Consultation Forms section under Submitted For Review. Tap the form to review it.


Once you've reviewed the form and verified the client's signature at the bottom of the form, press Done.

The form will then move to a Recently Completed section, where you can update it again if necessary and Add Notes.


Checking Which Staff Member Completed a Form

Once a form is completed, the staff member who entered their PIN code to access the form will be recorded. You can check this in both Phorest Go and Phorest Desktop by going to Clients > Search for and select your client to open their Client Card > Forms (Consultations on Desktop)


 Printing/Exporting a Client's Form

For information on how to print/export a client's consultation form, check out this guide.

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