How can I add non-editable Consultation Notes to a client's consultation forms?

This article will show you how you can add locked notes to a client's Consultation Form.

Non-editable notes are crucial for maintaining accurate client/patient records, ensuring legal compliance and documentation integrity, and enhancing client/patient safety. They prevent unauthorized changes, preserve information authenticity, and reduce the risk of errors or tampering that could compromise patient care.

Accessing a Client's Consultation Form

First, start by opening a client's form.

If you are using Phorest on a computer, go to ManagerConsultations > Manage Consultations > Go to the date of the client's appointment > Click on their form to open it.

If you are using PhorestGo, swipe in from the left to open the sidebar menu > Tap Consultations > Go to the date of the client's appointment > Tap on their form to open it.

Adding a Note

 Access Required

To add a note, you must have the Create Notes access permission under the Clients > View and Edit Client > Consultations access section. Check out this guide for information on how to update staff access.

Tap Notes to begin adding a note.

Phorest on a Computer


Enter your note, then click Save to finish.

If you are using a device with a stylus and prefer to handwrite your notes, you can use the    button to switch to Handwritten Notes. Your handwritten note will then be converted to text, where you can then review it, update it if necessary, and save it.

Notes History

After a note has been added, it will appear on all future consultation forms for that client. The note will be automatically timestamped with the date and time, and the name of the staff member who recorded the note will also be included.

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