How do I refund only a part of a sale? (Partial refund)

This article will show you how to refund only some items from a sale or a smaller amount from a sale.

If you are looking to refund a Series/Course sale, please refer to this guide.

Using a PhorestPay Card Terminal?

If you are using a PhorestPay Card terminal, click here to find out how to process a partial refund.

To begin processing a partial refund, go to ManagerSales > Find and single-click on the sale you wish to refund > Refund.


Removing Items from a Sale

If you only want to refund some of the items in the sale, click the 'x' beside the items you do not wish to refund to remove them from the transaction.


Refunding a Reduced Amount of a Sale

If you want to only refund a certain amount of an item in the sale, click on the Price to change it.


Completing the Refund

Once you're ready to complete the refund, click Pay > Select the payment method you wish to refund to > Click Pay again.


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