How do I edit a sale once it has been paid?

This article will show you how you can edit the service, product, staff member, price or payment used in a sale after it has already been processed.

Go to Manager > Sales, then use the search filters at the top of the screen to find the sale you wish to edit.

Once you've found the sale, double-click to edit it  (or single-click > click Edit).

You will then be brought back to the Purchase screen where you can make your changes to the sale. Singe-click on the area you would like to change (e.g. to change the service in the sale, click the service name. To change the price, click the price. To change a staff member, click the staff member's name etc.).

If you make a price change which results in the total sale price being less than what was originally paid, the remaining amount will automatically be calculated as Change Due and will be refunded in Cash.

Once your changes have been made, click Pay and process the sale as you usually would.

Note: You can change the name of a client by selecting the X next to their name and entering the new client's name.

Online & In-House Deposits

If an online deposit or in-house deposit has been paid toward the appointment, then it will remain attached to the sale even after you edit it.

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