How do I fix the balance of my End Of Day Cash Up?

This article outlines what to do if your Cash up doesn't balance at the end of the day.

Note: Some of the features mentioned here are for customers using Advanced Cash Up

When cashing up your End of Day (EOD), the money in your cash drawer/till should match the figures the Phorest system expects you to have. The following are some pointers which may help in finding any discrepancies. Please note only an owner or authorized manager can do this. 

Step-by-step guide

Check that all sales for that day have been processed during the start and end-time of the EOD. A common error is when an EOD is cashed up and someone put a sale through after.


In the EOD section you can select any EOD and run a Transaction Report, by clicking the Transactions button as shown below.

This will list every transaction put through during the start and finish time of the EOD. Using this you can cross-reference your monies with the transactions in Phorest.


Within the transaction report, any transaction where change is given will be indicated by an asterisk *.

Sometimes you can enter in a large amount i.e 1000 for a 100 sale. Phorest calculates the change at 900 which will cause a discrepancy in your EOD.

Sales can be processed using the wrong payment type. Check this against your transaction report.

Sometimes an EOD can be started and stopped within a few minutes of each other. If no transaction has been processed in this time period, The EOD can be ignored.


Floats that are not entered correctly can be amended by going to Manager > Sales and clicking the Till Floats tab at the top left.

Click the float in question and click Edit Open Float. Amending an opening float will amend the closing float of the previous day. For more details on how to do this, check out this article on how to edit the till float/register bank.

Check that all appointments that should be paid through have been paid through.

Check if a transaction has been run through twice.

A sale can be amended by an owner or authorized manager by going to Manager > Sales. You can also Change Date/Time here too if you need to put a sale into a certain EOD time frame.

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