How do I set up Custom Online Deposits with PhorestPay

This article will show you how to change your online booking deposit settings in Phorest.

This feature is available to businesses using PhorestPay through Stripe.

  First Steps - PhorestPay Account Required

Before you can start using Custom Online Deposits, you will need to set up your PhorestPay account. If you haven't done this already, go to Manager > PhorestPay to set this up or click here for a full guide on how to get set up.

You will also need the latest version of Phorest, which you can download here.

Single-Location Setup Video

Multiple-Location Setup Video

Your minimum deposit amount must be equal to or higher than the minimum standard booking fee as listed here. If the amount you set is lower, your online booking system will automatically charge a deposit equal to the minimum fee rate.

How do I Set Up a Custom Deposit?

Go to Manager > Settings > Online > Online Deposits, then change Enable a custom deposit for all services to Yes. You can then add your custom deposit settings.

Choosing a Fixed Deposit Type will set a fixed deposit across all of your online services, while a Percentage Deposit Type will apply a percentage deposit across all of your online services.


Deposits are charged per each individual service. For example, if you set your deposit amount to 10, clients will be charged 10 per each service in the booking. If the deposit amount is higher than the price of the service, the deposit for that service will be the full price of the service. You can also set individual custom deposits per service.

Optional Settings

New Client Deposits

If you have issues with new clients having a tendency not to show up, you can set custom deposit rules for them. You can define what a New Client is to you by setting how many visits a client is considered new under Number of Visits. As per the standard deposit settings, you can define whether it's a percentage or a fixed deposit amount.

Client visits are based on the previous 12 months. If a client has visited before, but it is more than 12 months ago, they will be considered new for the purpose of taking a deposit.


Repeat No-Show Client Deposits

Every salon has its serial no-show clients, which can be a huge cost to your salon. Much like the New Client option, you can define what your no-show clients look like and charge them a custom deposit to encourage them to turn up for their appointment.

Once again, you can define how many no-shows in the past 12 months constitute a no-show and choose to charge a custom Fixed or Percentage deposit.


Different Deposits for Different Services

You can also apply different deposit rules for individual services. Check out this guide to find out how.

How Much Does it Cost?

For information on transactional fees associated with Online Deposits, click here.

Disabling Custom Deposits

If you choose to disable Custom Online Deposits at any point, the online booking deposit charged will be set at the minimum standard booking fee, which can be viewed here.

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