How can I change a client's Online Booking deposit into credit on their account for future use?

This article will show you how you can change a client's Online Booking deposit into credit on their account for use in a future appointment or future purchase.

The information in this article is applicable to businesses using PhorestPay through Stripe.

First, create a new service and name it 'Account Deposit' or a name that will be familiar to you and your staff.

Put it in any existing category, or create a new category for it if you like. Then, set the price to 0.


Next, go to the Online & App menu and set Available online to No.


Click Save to finish creating the service.

Updating the Appointment & Checking the Client Out

After you've created the service, go to the Appointments calendar > Double-click on the client's appointment > Click the 'x' beside the service > Click Change the service > Change the service to the account deposit service that you created earlier.


Once the service is changed, click Pay.

If you choose to skip the first step in this guide in creating a service, change the existing service price to 0.00 and click Pay.

You'll notice that the Amount Due is now a negative value. Next, a deposit needs to be added to the sale to balance the amount due.


Click Outstanding Balance > Pay Deposit > Enter an amount equal to the online booking deposit paid > Click OK.

If the client has a deposit on their account already, the Outstanding Balance button will say how much they have on deposit already instead.


Lastly, click Pay > Click Pay again to complete the sale.

Client Receipt

The client's receipt will look like the image below.


Using the Deposit in a Future Sale

The next time this client goes to pay for something, a message will automatically appear to say they have money on deposit.


Use the Account payment type to use this deposit in a sale.


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