How do I change the service in an Appointment but keep the Online or In-House Deposit?

This guide will explain how to change an appointment's service while retaining the online or In-House booking deposit paid through PhorestPay.

This feature is available to businesses using PhorestPay through Stripe.

Double-click the appointment on your calendar to edit it, then click the 'x' beside the service you wish to change.


You will receive a pop-up notification asking if you'd like to delete the appointment and refund the deposit or change the service.

Click Change the service, then choose a new Service.


Not Seeing this Prompt?

The prompt above will only appear after clicking the 'x' on a service where a deposit was paid either online or in-house through PhorestPay. If you do not see this prompt and instead see a prompt to delete the appointment, it means that no deposit was paid toward the service you are trying to modify. To change this service, click on the service name and select a new service.

The deposit will automatically transfer over to the new service. Click Done to finish.


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