How do I add/remove products in my online store?

This article will show you how to add or remove products to sell online

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Step-by-Step Guide

Go to Manager > Online Store.

 Access Required

The Settings access permission is required to view this screen. Check out this guide for information on how to update staff access.

Immediately, you'll see a list of all of the products currently in your Phorest system. You can use the search bar and the Brand filters to find a specific product(s).


Before you make a product available to sell online, it's recommended that you add an image and a product description. To do this, click the name of the product to edit it.

On the next screen, you can manually add a product photo and description, or you can click Try Phorest Auto-fill to try and automatically find the latest product information.


Note: Phorest tries to find product information based on the product barcode. If the product does not have a barcode, you can check out this guide on how to add/update your product barcodes.

Once you're happy with your product information, change the Available Online setting to Yes to make the product immediately available in your Online Store. Repeat this for each product you would like to sell online.


Removing a Product From Your Online Store

To remove a product from your Online Store, change this setting to No.


Each product will also have a unique link, allowing you to promote the product in a campaign if you choose to.


The product will appear immediately in your Online Store for clients to purchase once you change this setting to Yes, or it will be removed from the Online Store if you change the setting to No.


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